thermophysical properties, thermal analysis and modeling
W. Hohenauer
D. Lager

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Experimental approaches to measure thermophysical properties of TCM 2017-04-03
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Thermophysical analysis of sorption materials for thermal energy storage 2015-09-14
DSC experiments on phase change materials (PCM) 2015-05-27
Growth Phenomena 2012-12-05
Harmonic Motion 2012-12-05
GEFTA Fortbildung - Dilatometrie 2011-11-04
GEFTA Fortbildung - Einf 2011-11-03
Vortrag FU Thermisch Spritzen (06-10-2010) 2010-10-05
Flash Techniques to Measure Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity of Foam Materials - Poster 2010-01-26
Flash Methods to Examine Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity of Metal Foams 2010-01-26
ITER Heat Sink Materials - Interlaboratory Test 2009-10-30
Ceramitec 2009_Laborpraxis der Thermischen Werkstoffanalyse 2009-10-23
Laser Flash Method to Determine Thermal Conductivity 2009-10-20
Physics of Flash Techniques _Poster 2009-10-20
Methods in Thermophysics 2009-10-20

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